inspiring myself and others through self reflection and creation,

My name is Michelle, I am twenty six from Vancouver BC, CanadaWelcome to my safe place where I share and explore my journey with depression, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, and bulimia nervosa.  Struggling and feeling helpless was something I thought I always had to feel. I was living in fear and letting my mental health issues win. Taking over my life, my relationships and my body. Now, as I fight to choose recovery I am learning to have control of it all.

My blog explores my journey throughout these illnesses while healing through the artwork I’ve created. Loveyoursca and creating artwork has been my way of healing. As well as sharing my journey on here, I’ve found my strength and healing through expression. Being open has helped me reflect, write, create, and learn from others who are also struggling.  I’m no longer afraid anymore. I’m not afraid of myself or my struggles. I’m not afraid to admit when I need some more support or when I am wrong. Learning and continuing to grow is how we all can heal throughout our lives.

My journey to self love is always moving, all of ours is. It’s a constant fight, battle, and choice we make everyday. There’s really no destination or end to this thing. I will always strive to be better, I will always continue to grow, learn, reflect and evolve. My hope through this journey is that we can inspire each other and create a network of positivity. We aren’t meant to sit in silence anymore, struggling alone is in the past now.
Let’s move forward together. I’m here with you.

Join me in getting in touch with
your feelings, dreams, desires and more…
If you’ve gotten this far, thank you.
‘m grateful that you are here with me,
continuing to fight. We got this loves.