you are never alone,

I think we get to use to a routine and our feelings that we become afraid of change. We look into others to find ourself and often rely on others for sympathy or help. That is so damaging. I use to always do this. Stuck in a endless routine of going through the motions, waiting for someone to say oh poor you Michelle, but I then realized I can’t keep doing that. I can’t be stuck in my old ways of highschool days thinking I’m not good enough. I couldn’t live like that anymore. Thinking of someone else constantly and not putting MYSELF first was so damaging. I needed to put myself first. Even above my daughter because I needed to get to where I am now and where I will be tomorrow. I needed to get over shit. Lots of shit and deal with shit instead of hiding behind doubt and fear. I will always hold onto what my grandma told me when I told her that Tyler (my love) asked me out. I said to her: “GRANDMA I’m no longer ‘single'”. She then said “No you’ll always be single.” And at seventeen I didn’t really know what she meant of course then I was like poor me why isn’t she happy I’m finally taken and not single anymore. Then it was like a lightbulb. I realized that we are always single. Even married people should always put yourself first so everything else will come as second nature. Knowing that you are your own person and not to rely on someone else for that is SO important. We are so important I assure you. There is so much good in you that you hide but you are so worthy to get out of your shell. I’ll be here if you need someone along the way because you may be single but you’ll never be alone. πŸ’“

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