Fuel your body. 

I was in a constant struggle of hating my body. I was so critical of my looks. When I was teenager I hated my looks. I was constantly put down and I started to believe I was fat and ugly. Over the years my body has changed. I’ve put on my weight and I wish I loved my body back then because my body was beautiful but it still is now. It may be different and it may not look like something on a magazine but it doesn’t need to. My body has done so many things. My body has kept me alive and breathing. My body creating another life. A heart beat, a breathe, a smile. My body has done amazing things. 

I think the only way to start loving your body is to first eat better. Fuel your body with things you would feed your young child. If a baby can’t have McDonald’s or other fast food it probably isn’t healthy for us either. Fueling your body and eating healthy is so important. I have been eating better for the past two weeks and I can already feel a difference. I still treat myself and I can tell the difference when I eat shit. Always try to fuel your body with healthy foods that will give you energy! 

Another way to get to loving your body is looking at your flaws and seeing how they affect you. Do your flaws hurt you physically or are is it just a mental issue? In this I will first talk about all my flaws or things I ‘dislike’ about my body. I will then look at these flaws in a different light and look at how the flaw or body part helps me live. Try this as well 💜 

My flaws are not flaws they are beautiful: 

  1. One of my biggest flaws in my opinion are my thighs. I hate the size of them. My weight always go there. They are covered in stretch marks and I’m so self conscious about them. I’ve realized though I’m so lucky to have thighs. Some people don’t even have legs! I’m lucky to have my thighs as they are strong and hold up my body. Even though they may have cellulite or stretch marks those are from growing and learning through life. They are still beautiful. Each one could have its own story 💓 
  2. I have always hated my nose. I’ve been called a witch nose or Pinocchio. I’ve realized though that my family has big noses. I got my nose from my grandpa who has passed away. If I change my nose I change something that my family is known for. That wouldn’t be nice. My nose is mine and it helps me smell wonderful scents. 
  3. A recent flaw of mine is my stomach. I use to have a wonderful flat tummy I don’t even know how cause I never worked out to get it. Now after the birth of Alison I have a little chub chub. It’s hard to hide sometimes and it’s so uncomfortable to me. But I akways got to remember I can always change and workout. My belly is mine because my beautiful daughter grew in there. That’s pretty amazing and I will always treasure that. Ali was worth every stretch mark!! 

    I don’t want to go on about all my flaws because that isn’t the point. The point is what we hate about ourselves someone else could love about us. Something we hate about ourselves someone might not even have or even have use of. We should always be thankful for ourselves and our bodies. It is what fuels us and it is ours. We are unique and beautiful. Every wrinkle, scar, or stretch marks shapes who we are. 💛

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