Being a mom is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Carrying a baby for nine months, giving birth, and then giving a life to a little being. It’s such a surreal experience. It can be overwhelming as a new first time mom I know that sure. It’s always important to take care of ourselves.. that way we can care for our child or children even better. When i was looking into resources online I found an AWESOME work book that I printed off. It is pretty lengthy about 100 or so pages so if you cannot print at home TRY the library or try to fill it out online if possible.. I will post the link below. It focuses on your mental health, things such as health and self esteem. It is really useful and i found it to be an awesome tool for me to help me with my journey. It brings focus and realization to your life. I hope you enjoy it and even if you aren’t a mother it could be useful for you as well as it is mostly focusing on yourself and how to make yourself the best you can be!!

The Link is below:

I hope that links works well for you and you take the time for yourself ❤

Love yours,

Michelle Xox.



  1. Hello Michelle, it was such a nice read. Being a mother is something I would like to experience myself one day. I wish you all the best. You’re so courageous to me. I know you will do the best you can to care for your child. Nobody is perfect. But the fact you take time to educate yourself about motherhood tells a lot about how great of a mother you are. Infinite peace and wisdom!

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