Typical day of Michelle.

Usually when i wake up it isn’t really glamours.. I get woken up by Alison usually crying around 6 or 7… My body usually wakes up before her sometimes, which doesn’t really matter because she’s usually up moments later. I then give her a bottle and put on Arthur.. She loves the theme song, it truly is motivating.. I sing it to her every morning and she enjoys it so much that she starts to smile/laugh when she sees Arthur with pal walking down the street. The lyrics are so amazing and I just recently really listened to lyrics. As I sing to Alison I realize how amazing it is to have this song. Lyrics below:

Everyday when you’re walking down the street, everybody that you meet has an original point of view. And I say HEY! hey! what a wonderful kind of day! Where you can learn to work and play…And get along with each other. You got to listen to your heart..Listen to the beat, listen to the rhythm, the rhythm of the street. Open up your eyes, open up your ears… get together and make things better by working together.

Since singing this to Ali it has really helped me realize it is so important to open your heart and enjoy those who you love. Now I am planning my days and enjoying them. Knowing that I am produvice and deserve time to myself as well as chore time. Below I will post bullet tips or lists of what I have been doing during the day which i think could help you as it has helped me these past couple of weeks.

  • Wake up knowing that today will be good and you will do anything to make it that way.

– This has been the most eye opening thing for me. I wake up to crying most of the time but the second I see Alison she smiles, laughs, and usually is SO happy to see me. Knowing this I wake up with the thought of her and that she will be happy to see me. You may not have a daughter or child for that matter. You may wake up alone and that is okay. Wake up knowing that someone is so happy to talk to you today.. Someone woke up today thinking of you and thinking of your wellbeing. Always wake up knowing you are so capable to enjoy the day.

  • Before you leave or start your day take a moment for yourself to relax.. If you wake up late make time for it.. Really you deserve it!

– When I wake up with Alison i am lucky that she can feed herself her morning bottle. I put her in the chair or playpen with her bottle and she happily plays to arthur on the TV or plays quietly with herself. During this time I take my time for myself… To wake up and plan my day. I have started to have tea first thing in morning. It tastes delicious and is so warm and calming for me. As I enjoy my tea I also enjoy Arthur and start writing a list of what I want to do for the day. Whether it be chores such as laundry or dishes, making important calls, to something fun like a walk to the park or a shopping trip. I write down EVERYTHING i want to do and check off what I have done as the day goes on. At the end of the day I will usually check my list and see what I have done. I feel productive even if I didn’t finish everything, because that is okay.. There is always tomorrow and more time to finish chores. I always put myself and Alison first. You deserve that as well..

  • After this point it may be different for me as it would be for you. As a stay at home mom I start to play with Alison now. Feeding her breakfast and then getting her dressed to go out to either the mall, the park, or the store. I always try to plan a walk in my day.. Even if it is raining out. I use to think rain would stop me from doing things.. EW water you know? WRONG. You can go outside in the rain and go out and STILL enjoy the day. When the sun isn’t shining BE the sun for the day. Go out anyway and brighten someone’s day. Even if it is your own that is even better. I have realized that going out I enjoy seeing people, smiling at them, and talking with them. People will actually respond if you notice them and it’s such a wonderful feeling.

The main thing to enjoy your day is to honestly wake up and take care of yourself in the morning. Stretch, breathe, EAT a healthy meal, drink tea. Taking this time for yourself will shape the day and give you the energy and motivation to tackle your day whenter stressful or a fun day..

Wake up every morning with this mind:

  1. Look in the mirror and really look at yourself. Find something you think is a flaw and make it something you love. Look at yourself knowing you are beautiful and unique. There is only ONE of you and you are special.
  2. Fuel your body with things that you would feed your baby child. If it isn’t healthy rethink your choice and save it for another time. Your body needs good food and water to tackle the daily stresses in life… Doing this in the morning will help create a routine that you will see you deserve.
  3. Smile at people you see during your travels. You never ever know someone else’s battles. Somebody could be having the worst day and that smile could safe their life and give them that boost they need. It will always give you a boost. I promise you that..

Well guys, I hope this helps you… Taking time for yourself is so important. I hope you know that…

Love yours,

Michelle Xox.

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