You know.

Throughout life we are always navigating through different obstacles. Some we may know of while others are completely out of the blue. It's important to have others around us in life. It's important to let others into your life. I'm so thankful for the people in my life who I know have my back. Who... Continue Reading →

Everything changes, even you.

Just like sadness, happiness is an emotion. Feelings change all the time. You aren't constantly happy at all moments. You are human and you can feel things. Changes happen throughout the day that you don't prepare for and that is okay. You are alive and you can handle it. I've found that the best thing... Continue Reading →

Alison’s birth story. 

It's been ten months since the birth of my baby girl, but I have never written her birth story. I wish I would have written it earlier as I would have probably remembered more although that time was stressful. I probably wouldn't have been able to reflect and gather my thoughts if I had wrote... Continue Reading →

Do something that scares you.

Facing your fears is easier said then done. It's hard to push yourself out of your comfort zone because we like comfort. We stay in our own bubble because we feel safe there. There's nothing really wrong with that. It's good to be comfortable and feel safe, but what we often forget is that we... Continue Reading →

Accept it.

It's really hard to admit when you have an issue or problem. If your patterns of living isn't really working and you want out.. if you are currently fighting a battle, as I know many are, know you aren't alone.. It is okay to take a moment and really think about your life. Do you... Continue Reading →

It’s never too late.

Everyday is a new possibility for change. You don't have to wait until a new year or a new week to make goals for yourself. This was so hard for me and I felt so irritated that I didn't do things sooner. I would always think of the past and what I wish I did..... Continue Reading →

I matter, You matter, We matter.

I always want what is best for people. I know that everyone has their own struggles or battles they deal with. Being compassionate and caring is what I hold onto most. I care so much for others and it got to the point where I wasn't giving myself that same attention. It's really important to... Continue Reading →

22 things I have learned in 22 years.

love yours,

This is inspired by an earlier post of 17 things. It isn’t my birthday, but i am 22. I want to look at all i have done in my life.. In these 22 years I have learned things. Many things that have shaped me into who I am today. I encourage you everyday to take time for yourself and to think of things you are proud of. Things you know and are sure about yourself.

1. I have learned that it is OKAY to be confident and to love yourself.

  • You always here “It’s okay to not be okay.” Which so true and you really need to realize this before you realize that it’s okay to be OKAY and to be HAPPY. I think we forget that it’s okay to smile and feel good about ourselves and our lives.. We often play the role of victims always wanted sympathy from…

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