Since we usually get stuck in same motions, routines are so important. Everyday I make a list and stick of it… but it’s okay to forget something and not do something. You never know what the day will hold or what will happen. It could be amazing or a stressful situation but waking up everyday knowing that you can make it great WILL make it great. Here are things I do everyday that helps me relax and take time for yourself. It is so important to take moments for yourself and to fuel yourself.

  • The first thing I do every morning is look at myself in the mirror and see something I love about myself. Something you LOVE. Find it. Find the positive, find and look for good.
  • After this I usually have a couple minutes until Alison wakes up so I spend time with her as she wakes and get her dressed up for the day.
  • I feed her breakfast (her bottle) and give her some cuddles turning on Arthur. During this time she will play with herself and I will make my tea..
  • TEA. IS SO IMPORTANT. It is so warm and tasty. It really helps me wake up and get ready for the day.
  • After this i feel so much energy and joy for the day.. I make a healthy breakfast fueling my body even more and at this time.. I am READY for the day.

It’s almost as simple as getting up thinking positive, looking at yourself and loving it. Taking that time for yourself in the morning by showering, being positive, fueling your body with good food, helps so much i assure you. I am on week three of eating well and planning my day.. It is SO rewarding i love it and i can tell my daughter is feeling better without the stress.

I will say it again. TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF LOVE. . You really deserve the love you give to everyone else.

Love yours,

Michelle Xox.

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