22 things I have learned in 22 years.

This is inspired by an earlier post of 17 things. It isn’t my birthday, but i am 22. I want to look at all i have done in my life.. In these 22 years I have learned things. Many things that have shaped me into who I am today. I encourage you everyday to take time for yourself and to think of things you are proud of. Things you know and are sure about yourself.

1. I have learned that it is OKAY to be confident and to love yourself. 

  • You always here “It’s okay to not be okay.” Which so true and you really need to realize this before you realize that it’s okay to be OKAY and to be HAPPY. I think we forget that it’s okay to smile and feel good about ourselves and our lives.. We often play the role of victims always wanted sympathy from others.. but first we must know that it’s okay to be happy with ourselves and to be sure of that.

2. Taking time for yourself in the morning and after dinner helps your overall happiness!

  • We often get stuck in the rhythm of things. Our minds are always going of what do we need to do and what we should do. This usually happens when we go to sleep as well. We lie awake for hours wondering what we need to do or what we have done wrong. I really feel that this is so damaging and doesn’t help us at all. We need to calm our minds and turn it off in a sense. Relaxing and taking time for ourselves allows our minds to relax and recharge. We need that so we know that we have accomplished things and are worthy of a great day and worthy of the time to relax.. What is relaxing to you? It is different for everyone.. Focus on what helps you relax and do it at least twice a day..

3. You are beautiful and it’s ok to say that.

  • Looking at yourself and seeing beauty is so important instead of saying negative things about yourself. The media really presents a one image of a woman or a man.. but that isn’t idea. There are so many beautiful bodies that aren’t shown and it really is a shame.. You are beautiful and guess what you are unique. Your body is yours and I want you to know that it is what fuels you and keeps you alive. It is so important ❤

4. Smiling at someone everyday is the best medicine. 

  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away… no! A smile a day does.. Everyday I smile at those walking by and honestly at everyone that I can. It’s really eye opening because not many people smile back or even notice that I am looking at them let alone smiling at them.. It’s almost really sad that we try to hide away at everyone we see.. We close ourselves off when we should open ourselves up and show happiness to others. Taking a moment to look up at someone and smile will make a difference.. Even if they don’t see you. You will know that you are smiling and you are doing good. Plus smiling just feels good!! =D

5. I have so many people that love me!

  • I always had an inner voice telling me that I wasn’t good enough. That I was alone and people didn’t want to hangout with me. I have finally figured out that I am loved.. I do have friendships. Great friendships. More than I can count on my two hands because I am worthy of that. Allowing yourself to love and let people in is such an amazing feeling. We all want the same things in life.. To feel happiness, feel comfortable, and appreciated which those we love. Even if you haven’t spoken to someone in years message them and wish them well because they may need that!

6. Listening to music and rocking out feels amazing.

  • Music has always been a big part of my life. I realized this even more when I was in the hospital recently. I had to do a test where i was lying down and a machine was tracking something inside me. I had to lie there doing nothing for two hours. I felt trapped there and I didn’t know what to do. I then decided that I was going to listen to music so I thought of Taylor Swift lyrics and replayed her songs in my mind. I started with her 1989 album but then went back to her first songs as well.. It helped so much. Every guitar strum or piano it was really nice. I apppreciate music even more now.. I am so thankful that I hold it dear to my heart so much..

7. I am passionate and creative and it’s okay to colour, write, and sing.

  • Taking time for your hobbies is so important. It’s so much fun honestly to do things that are fun and that I love. Take a moment to write your hobbies and things you love or wish you could do. Anything is possible!

8. Being free is so important. 

  • It’s time to LET GO and things we can’t control. The only thing we can control is how we react, interact, and feel in any situation. Feel joy and freedom. Let yourself go and live for yourself. Take a deep breath and breathe out the bullshit.

9. A body is just a body. It fuels you and can change.

  • I realize that everyone has insecurities about themselves. We all do and that’s okay. Our bodies are all unique and that really is a beautiful thing. Your body helps you everyday, we really take it for granted.. Our bodies are beautiful and can do amazing things.. Love it and it will love you right back

10. It’s okay not to be okay, but it’s also okay to love yourself. And BE GOOD.

  • I have figured out that its okay to feel. Any emotion, but if you hold onto to negative thoughts it will consume you. You will become blinded and you won’t see much of anything else.. The most important thing to know is that it is okay to be good, do good and feel good.. It’s such a surreal feeling with you reach that point..

11. “It could be worse.”

  • We usually become so involved in our lives and how much it sucks.. We lose sense of the bigger picture in life. Everyone struggles and there is always something greater going on.. That is bigger than any of us. Someone probably doesn’t have all that you do. Something as simple as fresh water or a shower.. We take so many things for granted..

12. It’s okay to have an off day.

  • Throughout your journey you must know that nobody is perfect. It’s okay if you don’t get everything done for the day. It’s okay to become overwhelmed.. just take time for yourself and relax doing something that calms you.

 13. Open your heart to loving Taylor Swift.

  • Not only is her music amazing, she truly cares about others and has so many amazing words of encouragement.. From the lyrics to her songs to her speaches from awards or at concerts she is beyond amazing.. Her connection within herself and the fearlessness she feels is SO inspiring. Having Taylor in my life is the best feeling. I am so thankful for her.

14. Simplify your life.

  • I use to always want things… I became so attached to wanting material items. I tried to relate happiness to getting things.. Even if it was a candy bar. What we all need to do is get rid of things that aren’t necessary. We don’t need all the material items that the media makes us want.. we can have a simple life with simple things and still be happy and joyful!!

15. Don’t let anyone control you or tell you how to feel.

  • We have many influences in our lives.. It’s hard to get lost in what others want for us and what WE want for ourselves. Sometimes people get upset because they aren’t happy with our live choices, but that doesn’t matter.. Because it is YOUR life. You deserve to do what you want and not feel guilty because someone else wants you doing something different.. You are our own person so do what you feel is right for yourself.

16. Listen to music and take in the beats and the lyrics.

  • Music is so important. All types of music are amazing in their own right. I love how music can change anything and how it can touch someone’s live. I will always be thankful for music, the artists, and everything it takes for us to hear it.

17. Write things down!

  • Our memory is never really that good.. I have found that writing out my day and even writing this blog.. helps me so much by remembering. Also I love to write in general.. It is so amazing to just write how you feel and not have to feel questioned. I love to write about anything, my life, even stories. Write anything you like. Maybe even your desires. Once you start to write it really is hard to stop.

18. Its better to be happy than to be cool.

  • I never really unstood the hole cool concept.. Like honestly who ever made those rules. The people who were cocky and bullies they were just considered cool? I don’t think so at all. I think being cool isn’t anything at all. You can just be you and be how you feel. If that is cool, then maybe that’s alright. As long as cool isn’t being agorant, rude, or selfish.  I find that we always try to be the best in high school. Try to prove ourselves and gain as much populatiry as possible. When the only important thing about high school is to relate with each other. Offer help and love when needed and to not shut people out because we could all use a friend.. Even only i knew that back then that being cool wasn’t that cool at all.

19. Be open and let others into your life.

  • I was so closed off.. I was convinced that I was hated. That people didn’t want to be around me and thought i was weird. I may be weird, but I’m weird in the best way.. It’s so important to let others in and to really let go of your fears. I assure you that people miss you and miss your company.. When you let others in and socialize you really start to appreciate being with others and enjoying their company.

20. Do somethin for YOU not because someone told you to. 

  • I am always told what i should do or what i have to do. I know what needs to be done in my life and finally don’t need to listen to anyone because I now what is right. It’s always good to seek advice but you ultimately know what is best for you.

21. Never put blame onto others because you create your life. 

  • Putting blame onto others just masks the issue and doesn’t look at the big picture. It takes two always… and you have to take some responsibility in how you shape your life. If you focus on what someone else should do or what you don’t like how they are living their life it doesn’t impact you positively.. In order to have control over your life you need to first realize that you control how you feel. You control who is around you and those people should bring you up, not down.

22. Enjoy the present moment and don’t worry so much about the future. 

  • I have always been a constant worrier. It’s okay to worry about things, but if it stops you from living or doing daily tasks that is when you really to check in with yourself. Be with. The resent moment and take in the memories that are being created. Stressful situations are bound to happen, but right now you can relax and take time for yourself. That way you can be ready to tackle anything. ❤

This post took longer than I thought you create, but I really wanted to refect on my life.. 22 years, it seems like forever but there is so much more to come. I am so thankful for the life I have and have lived. 22 has been good 🙂 What is your age? How many thing have you learned in your life?

Love yours,

Michelle xox


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