Be kind to one another. 

I love Ellen.. LOVE HER. Everyday I watch her show and it gets me smiling, laughing, and dancing.. The world needs more of Ellen. She is extremely positive and always sees the good in people. Plus SHES DORY, HELLO!?  Haha, anyway.. Whenever she wraps her show she says “Be kind to one another.” It’s so simple, yet so true because we need more kindness. More kindness to one an another and most importantly ourself. Being kind is such an easy thing to do. Even just a smile could change someone’s life.  As Taylor Swift once said: “Being kind together is a great legacy to leave behind.” And it truly is. If you leave kindness where ever you go it will be noticed. I assure you.. It feels really good to brighten someone else’s day including yours…

Even if you have a bad day, try to be kind. It may even help you create a wonderful day..

Love yours,

Michelle Xox.

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