Holding a grudge, is it worth it?

I use to always be someone who would hold a grudge against someone. Years would go by but i would still be angry or upset about a person or situation. I felt this mostly towards my bullies. I had too many to count and the hardest part throughout my journey was letting go of my hatred towards them. I don’t usually forget things and that can become a problem… I’ve realized that is so damaging, time consuming, and lonely to constantly be angry towards someone. Life is too short to be angry and feel emotions that don’t make you feel good. It has taken me years to move on from what I experienced in high school. It was hard for me to even realize that it was still bothering me.

It’s really important to embrace the feelings, accept that things happen, and move on. I can’t be stuck in my old self and I won’t.. Neither do you. No matter what has happened to you or how you were treated you don’t have be stuck in that place. Likely, those people don’t feel the same way because feelings change and honestly their opinion of you doesn’t matter. What matters is how you feel about yourself. Make yourself proud.

Learning to let go of things you can’t control really helps you let go of grudges. You can’t control how someone else acts but you can control how you act and react to situations. Showing love, compassion, and acceptance lets you embrace someone else and really see their view. Sometimes things won’t work out, but that’s okay. You don’t need to feel resentment towards someone for who they are. It’s their choice. Your choice is to either embrace them or move on. You can’t move on when you constantly feel grudges towards others. Let things go that you can’t control and you will feel completely free to be who are or want to be.

Take a moment today for yourself, you really deserve to take a look into your life.

Love yours,

Michelle Xox

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