Accept it.

It’s really hard to admit when you have an issue or problem. If your patterns of living isn’t really working and you want out.. if you are currently fighting a battle, as I know many are, know you aren’t alone.. It is okay to take a moment and really think about your life. Do you want to change? That’s a big step. Accepting your problems and admitting you need help takes a lot of courage and strength.

I would also sweep things under the rug or distance myself from the truth of how I was feeling. I learnt that it is okay to feel. Any emotion. Feeling is so important.I think we should also feel our emotions whether good or bad because everything can change. We can move forward and move on. It is a choice. It’s our choice.

Even if you aren’t at this point yet, I assure you you’ll get there. Change is really scary. It is.. but what is eben scarier is feeling trapped and unhappy for years.. You are so important and worthy of your own happiness. You don’t need someone else to validate your worth. ❤

Since the time change I have been extremely exhausted. Alison hasn’t been sleeping as well as she use to and it’s surely been taking its toll of me.. all I remember is that every night I get woken up there’s always something positive to think about. Why? Because there is so many amazing things happening right now. I just have to look around and see it. You can too ❤

Love yours, 

Michelle Xox


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