You know.

Throughout life we are always navigating through different obstacles. Some we may know of while others are completely out of the blue. It’s important to have others around us in life. It’s important to let others into your life. I’m so thankful for the people in my life who I know have my back. Who I know I can trust or talk to for advice. We should all have someone we are comfortable to talk about our lives with. This person could be anyone, but really is should first be you.

Lately I’ve been saying it’s important to let others in. Although this can’t fully happen unless you let yourself into your life. If you truly take time to listen to your inner self you’ll be more sure. We always wonder if we are doing things right. We ask for second opinions. We seek advice. Sometimes from a complete stranger. Although I feel we should be connected with ourselves enough that we know what is the best option. I talk to myself quite often and it’s good to have ‘pep’ talks with yourself. In the end you are in control of your life. You may not know it, but you do have control. You do know what is best for you because you know you. Seeking advice is important. I love seeing different sides, although I feel you must first be in touch with yourself. That way you can be sure with what you need or deserve.

Being aware of your worth let’s you have control of your life or your feelings. When you know you are worthy of something you don’t hold back. You take risks even if you fail. You try even though you may fall. You listen better. Listen to what your mind and heart is needing. Listen to others and most importantly yourself. Next time you are feeling down talk to your inner self. You are stronger than you believe. You know more than you think. You have so much compassion for others and I assure you that you can give that to yourself as well.

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from social media lately. It’s really nice to just go out and not worry about the online world. More posts will be coming this week though ❤ I’m inspired.

Love yours, 

Michelle Xox. 


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