Being a mom is the best thing I am. 

Becoming a mom has been the best experience of my life. I could never picture my life without my daughter. She’s made me realize that everyday can bring you joy and happiness. I love being with her. I love being her mom. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I have always had anxiety throughout my life. It’s always hard to talk about or understand. Before having Alison I always wondered if I would be a good mom or if I would do things ‘right.’ I’ve realized now there is no right way. You honestly have this motherly instinct come over you and all you want is what’s best for your baby. I was never really nervous to give birth… I was more nervous for the after part. Being a mom. Figuring things out. The first night with her I didn’t sleep at all. I held her in my arms. Fed her, watched her sleep, wondered how this little beautiful girl was growing inside me. It’s truly amazing what the woman body can do. I love my body so much for being able to support her. During those moments in the hospital I became more eager to get out and to just learn with her in becoming a mom.

Before you go home with baby the nurses make you watch a video about infants, babies blues, basically something to prepare you for when you go home. After the video I was more nervous as I thought my baby would cry constantly and I would lose my mind. Come to find that worry was for nothing. I am truly blessed with the happiest baby I could have ever dreamed of. She smiles and laughs more than she cries. She is curious and friendly more than she is shy or scared. Ali has really made me realize many things in life. That you can take joy in the little things. You don’t need much to feel joy or happiness. You can learn and grow everyday. Being open to change, growing, and learning is how I get through everyday. She makes it so easy to get up in the morning. No matter how exhausted or tired I am. I am always so excited to see her. To learn next to her. To see her grow and grow along with her. Everyday I become a better mom, because she is an amazing daughter.

I truly never thought things would go by so fast. You hear “they grow up fast” constantly, but it is so true. Alison is almost one and that is just a crazy concept to me. It feels just like yesterday I was holding my little girl and all she did was sleep and eat. I miss those moments so much but now she’s crawling, talking, playing, eating solids.. It’s really surreal. With every moment I miss there is a new milestone that she reaches. You just take it all in and it’s such a beautiful moment. I am so lucky to have such a happy, healthy, beautiful, smart and strong baby. I’m so thankful for her and all she’s done in my life already. I’ll always enjoy being her mom. It’s best thing I am ❤

Everyday being a mom is the best thing I am. I am so lucky.

Love yours,

Michelle Xox.

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