I will fight.

I usually don’t post about politics, however this goes far beyond that. This is more than a political decision. This is a environmental destruction. That I will not watch happen without trying to take action. I hope my voice will be heard, along with many environmentalist in this province or around the world. The only way to stop this from happening is taking action and speaking up. Lets stand together ❤

Last year I voted for someone who I thought I could trust with environmental concerns. Someone who I thought would fight against pipeline expansions and think deeply about the environmental concerns that go along with them. I feel extremely hurt, betrayed, and disappointed. Although it doesn’t really matter how I feel, because I won’t be directly effected. Those effected will be the first nations who have been fighting for their rights. The countless marine animals and wildlife who will be harmed when an oil spill occurs. It’s truly heartbreaking because they have no voice or say in this. We have to be their voices and we have to be heard.

It really bothers me how decisions about my coast can be made miles away. That the people here somehow have no say. It’s extremely disrespectful how we have to find out the same time everyone else does. That the decisions made are somehow ‘set in stone’ and we don’t have control of it. I have hope that our voices will be heard and the expansions won’t be built. That’s all I can hope for. I don’t believe our prime minister. I don’t trust him and I now believe that he doesn’t have environmental concerns at heart. 

I wish that humans would realize that we don’t run the show. We don’t run the world. They are far greater things on this earth than our needs. We have the knowledge, the technology, and the science to know what is right and how to help situations. Creating a twin pipeline isn’t progress for me. It’s depleting the natural resource and throughout history that has been made to be ‘okay’. I believe it is NOT. It’s upsetting how political leaders only believe that the way to create jobs is with trades, construction, developing. You don’t have to create, build, or develop more of something to create more jobs. The environment is at risk everyday. We as a nation pollute everyday. Creating more risky ways to damage the environment is a huge step back. 

My coast is more important to me than middle class jobs. The marine animals, especially the southern resident orcas, are more important than the ‘new found hope’ we will somehow gain from this. Canada claims to making efforts in reducing our environmental impact. Lowing greenhouse gases and taking a step against climate change. With the approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline and line 3 pipeline this isn’t the case. This is a huge step back and we aren’t going to be meeting our environmental goals nationally anytime soon.

I will always stand by my coast and stand by my province. The environment is so much more important than people realize, but yet we continue to degrade it. It’s more important than jobs created for Canadians who probably don’t appreciate the rich amount of nature we do have her. Our province, our country is magical and thriving with life. Life greater than our own needs. Once political leaders realize that this earth is more important than what we do here, maybe more action will be taken to protect our environment instead of destroying it. 

Take action today.. Your voice will be heard. We need to make change and make political leaders realize that we can’t claim to care about the environment if we approach risky pipelines that will damage our environment. Be the change!

Love yours, in this case, love your planet.

Michelle Xox

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