Expect the unexpected. 

You never really know where your life is going to take you. As much as you want to have control sometimes you really can’t control your life. The hardest thing is facing the unexpected. The moments you never thought would happen, at least not now.. Taking each moment and going with the flow in life is easier said than done. Lately I’ve been trying to plan many things out in my life. Things I want to do, people I’ll see ect.. but the unexpected always happens. Things are always changing and nothing ever stays the same. As much as you plan or want something it doesn’t always work out.

I haven’t posted lately and I wish I have. Sometimes I have no inspiration or feel I have worthy advice to give. All I know is that every journey is a difficult one. We are all on the path of life which takes us on a crazy ride. I’m so thankful for the support I have, for the love I have for myself, and the trust I have in my life and my journey. Life, or adulting as we say, is friggin difficult. You never really know what’s going to come next. Enjoying your life for now is all we can really do.

Love yours, 

Michelle Xox 


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