Remember the magic of Christmas. 

With Christmas coming up I’ve realized how much we are so revolved around material items. The latest gadget, newest tv, ect ect. We consume so much through the year and at the end of the year we consume insane amounts. For me, there’s always a magic about Christmas, and that was never in the things I got or even the meal I was enjoying. It was in the company around me and all the people I could share it with. When people ask me what I want for Christmas it’s hard to think of something that I really need. I am truly blessed with all I would ever need in life. All that I truly want this Christmas and every Christmas is to spend it with my friends and family. To make memories and share special moments with the ones I love. The holidays and Christmas this year will be extremely different. As much as I am grateful and thankful that I can spend my first Christmas with my daughter, it’s difficult when other aspects in your life are more difficult than the magic of Christmas. When someone will be missing from usual Christmas routine.. you realize that things can change at any moment. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, life alway hits you harder than you could have ever imagined.

Whatever happens this Christmas or following after. I am so thankful for the moments and the memories I have made. That’s really all I remember from past Christmas’ and that is what is most important to me. 

Enjoy your holidays ❤

Love yours,

Michelle Xox


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