Whenever I’m feeling doubt in myself or my journey I always turn to Taylor’s clean speeches. Every single one is a bit different, but they all have the same concept or meaning. To not look at yourself as damaged, to look in the mirror and not just see your mistakes. I was lucky enough to hear one and I always love going back to that place. To feeling happiness, hope, joy, and the reminder that I am not my failures or mistakes. That I’m not going to let my fears or doubts control me. It’s a daily struggle to not listen to your inner voice that screams negativity or failures from your past, but what I’ve learned is to not dwell on the past. To not be as hard on yourself, to be in the moment and to feel it. Hold onto the joy and happiness you feel because it doesn’t last forever. Every moment or experience will bring different feelings. Mistakes will happen, but you’ll learn from those. Holding onto to the good, the positive, the achievements in your life, that is what will keep you going. Not looking at what you are not. I’m so thankful for the moments of happiness in my life. There are many and even though things may be difficult right now, it won’t be forever.

Love yours, 

Michelle Xox 

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