12 things I’ve learned from being a mama. 

My daughter is one!! I never knew how fast a year could go by. It’s surreal. This past year has truly been a gift and I’ve learned so much throughout her first year of life. I’m so proud of her everyday and of myself for being her mama ❤ below I am going to write the twelve things I have learned from being a mom, even if you aren’t a parent I’m sure you could relate some of these to your life.

1. Time goes by way faster than you think. 

  • I know that times go by fast, but you have a baby I feel it goes even faster. All I did was blink and she smiled, laughed, crawled, talked. It’s truly surreal.. now she’s one and I’m wondering how!? Wasn’t she my little 5 pound baby just yesterday?

2. Nothing goes as planned. 

  • I learnt this as I went through labour. You can plan as much as you want, but not everything will happen how you want it to. Things will happen that you don’t expect at all. It’s important to be open to change and to be flexible. This way it won’t bother you if something doesn’t work out!

3. Simple moments are the best. 

  • Seeing her smile or waking you to laughter are the best moments. Hearing her first words, crawling, smiling, the milestones. Those are the moments that are the most special ❤️

4. Love at first sight, does exsist. 

  • The moment you see your baby everything falls into place. It’s so surreal having this little being look up at you with such curiousity. I never really believed in love at first sight, maybe a connection sure, but when you see your baby. You instantly fall in love. A love deeper than anything you could explain.

5. Your body changes and that’s okay. 

  • A body is just a body. A body changes as life goes on and that is truly a beautiful thing. I’m so proud of what my body has done for my daughter. It’s truly amazing what a woman’s body can do.

6. You’ll feel lonely but you’ll feel whole. 

  • You may lose some friends. You may not see people as often as you’d hope and it’s really hard. But your little one makes that all better. They fill your heart in a way you never knew was possible before.

7. Even when you’ve had enough and the crying is too much, they probably just want cuddles ❤

  • Giving lots of cuddles, hugs, kisses is so important. Even when you feel drained or frustrated at the end of the day. My daughter has so much comfort from being close and I know she won’t enjoy cuddles forever so I’ll take them when I can.

8. They’ll be a million opinions thrown at you, but you know your baby best. 

  • I’ve learned I know more than I ever thought. I am stronger than I ever believed. I know my daughter best and I know what she needs. I love that connection with her. It’s incredible.

9. Putting yourself first is so important. 

  • There’s a different than being selfish and putting yourself first. In order for your baby to be healthy or happy you have to be that for yourself. You’re baby notices everything you do so show her self love. She’ll end up loving herself just as you love yourself.

10. You’ll be tested. 

  • They’ll be sleepless nights. Lots. LOTS of crying. You’ll feel like ripping your hair out, but that’s okay. Those moments don’t last forever and will pass faster then you think. Being calm and loving helps immensely as your babes knows if you’re frustrated.

11. You don’t ever nap when baby naps.

  • This still to this day is the funniest thing I have ever heard. I’ve maybe napped a total of five times when she has napped and usually when I try. She’ll wake up. When she naps my mind races of what to do with myself and sometimes I honestly miss her..

12. You are WAY stronger than you think. 

  • To this day I am still so proud of how I handed giving birth and being a mom. I felt like such a bad ass strong woman giving birth to her. I love how I pushed through the pain and listened to my doctor. (I still don’t know why people say you’ll forget the pain because oh I remember) but it was all so worth it. I wouldn’t change anything ✨

Alison, you are such a gift to me. You bring a joy and happiness to my life that I never thought could exist. You make my life better and I learn from you everyday. To love more, to be open, curious and to see the good in life. I love you so much darling. More than you’ll ever know. 💗

Love yours,

Michelle Xox


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