I am so excited to share that I am starting to sell my art. I had this idea a few months ago and started painting more planning a goal of selling some in the fall at craft fairs with my grandma. Things have sped up for me as I have the opportunity to do a craft fair in July. I recently made an etsy account, first just for my Taylor fan account as this started by writing out Taylor’s lyrics or quotes. It’s turned into more than that as I’m expanding to different quotes or lyrics that have inspired me. I’ve found such a peace in painting that I’ve collected quite a few and I’m excited to share these uplifting messages with you 💗  

I will post more in here, about loveyoursCA and about loving yourself. I’m excited for this journey and hope you’ll tag along ✌🏻 

Love yours, 

Michelle xox 

PS: below are links to my instagram, Facebook && etsy ❤️ 




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