Open your heart & let others in.

I’ve become so thankful for the friendships I do have. People get to choose who they want in their lives and the fact that some choose me warms my heart. I realized that I really need connections and people who care in my life. I’m not the most social person and making friends has never been easy… I always use to isolate myself and honestly try to avoid people. My mind would race of what people would think of me that I couldn’t even enjoy a simple conversation. It’s so important to know that when people reach out and are there for you… They want to be… be that for them too ❤

A few years ago I started a blog dedicated to Taylor Swift. I didn’t really think much of it and wasn’t really going to even reveal my identity on there – until I realized that it was a safe place to do so. There are SO many Taylor fans on there, but one really stuck out to me. One from New York. I never really thought that it was possible to connect with someone online or someone miles away but it is so possible. She’s my best friend. I know that for sure. She’s beautiful, wise, adventurous, fearless, and has such a big heart. Even though I haven’t met her or seen her in person I’ve noticed her change and grow over the time I’ve known her. I’m so thankful for her, because she was there for me when others around me would shut me out. She listens and I know when we meet we’ll probably have a good cry and then hit the town. My point is that, it is so important to open your heart and let others into your life. Friendships can happen at the most random moments. It could happen today! Maybe buy a stranger a coffee or start up a random conversation. Those moments seem so far and gone but we can bring those moments back!

Spread love and be kind to others.

They may need you at that moment in their life.

It may make their day or even save their life. It saved mine.

Love yours,

Michelle xox 


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