Surprise yourself –


Lately I’ve been having out of body experiences.. I use to have these feelings, but it was always negative.. Now as days go by I find that I’m surprising myself. I am doing more and enjoying it without the worry or stress. A couple weeks ago I went to a ‘stay and play’ at a local rec centre with my daughter. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for months but I couldn’t find the courage or the resources. The first time I went I felt excited and eager, but one familiar feeling was missing… my anxiety. I found it weird that it wasn’t there and I ended up trying to search for it. On the walk there, when I had to socialize, etc etc but it never came. Looking back I wanted a reason as to why I wasn’t feeling anxious. I realized that the want to do something for my daughter was greater than my anxiety. It overpowered it. The happiness and excitement my daughter felt… the fearlessness she had meeting a group of strangers… the laughter and joy she gave to others really made all the difference. I didn’t need to feel anxious. 

There are still those days that I feel anxious, but I don’t let it control me anymore. I approach the feeling of anxiety differently. I awknowledge it’s there, feel it, and move on. It’s easier said than done and it doesn’t always turn out that way but i’ve found that it’s easier to deal with my anxiety when I treat it like any other emotion. I don’t give it the power it use to have over me.. It’s SO important to know that you’re worthy of all the possibilities today has to offer. Your anxiety doesn’t have to make you feel stuck or isolated. There are so many things that you are capable and worthy of ❤ know and embrace that.

Love yours,

Michelle xo

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