b r a v e

I’ve been getting lots of amazing quotes to create into something beautiful. Thank you so much and keep them coming!! They inspire me everyday ❤ The picture above has the quote: “Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” This was the first quote I was sent and I absolutely love it. Even more I love how it helps her because it now helps me in that way if not more. 

Her explaination as to why it helps her: “This quote helps me get through my hardest of days. It reminds me that sometimes just showing up is a big step, and you should recognize that instead of getting down on yourself that you can’t do more. It helps me not expect too much, and reminds me just to be present and in the moment.” 

I love this so much. I would always beat myself up for my darkest days that it would end up making it all worse. When you know that you are having a tough day awknowledge it and know that it won’t be that way forever. If all you can do today is show up. That is okay. If all you can do today is breathe that is okay too. You shouldn’t have to feel quilty or shame if you are having a bad day. Those are bound to happen. Approach those different. Know it won’t be there forever and that tomorrow will be better. 

Being brave takes a lot of courage. It doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t have to. You can be brave by just getting out of bed. That is okay. When you allow yourself to be brave so many things can fall into place. Things can change that you didn’t expect. I love this quote because I try to take it further. That sometimes the bravest thing you can do is just show up. But sometimes when you show up, wonderful amazing things happen. You surpruse yourself and find out things about yourself you didn’t know were there. Don’t ever be afraid of being brave and the possibility of what could happen today. You create your life and your world.. be brave today ❤

PS: I have some new postings in the shop!! I’ve been working really hard on this and have so many paintings that will be added within the coming days!! I will be making a post more about loveyoursCA and what is to come!! If you have any questions about it please message me and I will clarify and write more about it in my next post.. Thank you for the support! ❤ https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/LoveYoursCA?ref=search_shop_redirect

Love yours,

Michelle xo 

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