It’s almost been a year since I’ve blogged on here about LoveYoursCA. I’ve had so many ideas in my mind and I want to make a habit of posting on here weekly.. posting progress pictures of my art and explanations of why I choose certain quotes or lyrics.. So much has happened since I’ve posted last especially with LoveyoursCA and how much passion I feel for it all. I have always loved to draw, color, and paint but I didn’t think I would get to the point of selling them. There was a moment in High-school when I was in art class. I was struggling with whatever we needed to be drawing and I remember asking my teacher for help. Instead of helping, she erased my drawing and drew it her way. I felt defeated and I never took art class after that. I still coloured and drew at home but I always felt like I was critiquing my work. I never thought I would find joy in art again.

It wasn’t until I started to paint with watercolours in twenty fourteen. When Taylor released 1989 there was a beaming feeling of happiness and creativity that allowed me to finally feel free to paint and not worry about if it looked right. I was painting like crazy and I finally felt a sense of peace and calmness. Last summer I had the opportunity to share a table with my grandma at a local craft market on Canada Day. I’ve been going to markets for years and it was amazing being in one rather than just attending one. I made my first couple sales that day and it was so exciting. I got so much feedback and it was so fun. My second craft fair was this past December. It was an exciting experience and I loved being around all the creative minds. I am so glad that I am one of them.

I’m still wanting to do more craft fairs, but currently I am in love with running my Etsy shop. Imaging my art around the country and being displayed in someone’s home or work place warms my heart. The support and love I’ve gotten from with LoveyoursCA is amazing to me. My mind runs wild with new ideas and things I want to do. I first started painting for me. To have these daily reminders to help me get throughout the day. Now, I’m painting for you. For you to have these quotes or lyrics as daily reminders that you can do it and things will be okay. Painting and doing all this puts my mind and soul at ease. I just hope that the artwork I create helps ease your mind as well.

Love yours,


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