Art Progress for Just Breathe, bookmark.

Every art piece I create usually goes through a different process. I either paint free hand or sketch and then paint over that. Sometimes I’ll leave the watercolour for a softer look. Other times I’ll go over with pen to add details to make the flowers ‘pop’. Below is a photo of four art pieces, the one I’ll be focusing on is the one on the top left. I first put tape on this one and then painted freely above and below the tape. I love this look and it’s probably one of my favourites to paint.

Even though I loved the soft watercolour of this one, I added some details with pen. You’ll notice it below in the middle. I usually remove the tape after I add the details but it doesn’t matter which order this is done.

When I’m working on something I don’t usually plan what quote or lyric I’ll be using until after it’s painted. They’ll be times where I’ll plan it out so that the quote would fit, but in the case I chose the quote after it was all painted. Below you’ll notice “just breathe” lightly written. I always write lightly in pencil before I add inky details. This helps me with spacing and what font would look best.

There’s a few pens I use when I start to add ink details. I’ll first use a finer pen over the pencil. I usually let this dry and erase the pencil before I add more ink. I’ll then either go over with the finer pen again or use a thicker pen for a different look. With this one I used a thicker pen. This was the first time I’ve done this sort of font and I was worried how it would look at first. I’m happy with how it turned out.

I chose the quote “Just Breathe” for this one because it’s something I remind myself of everyday. In any stressful situation I know that if I just breathe it’ll help me stay calm. “Just Breathe” was also the name of the first blog I ever had on tumblr.

This is currently available in my Etsy Shop. It’s a bit bigger than the usual bookmarks I make, which means it could be used as a bookmark or art displayed around your home!! You can shop for this piece: here

I hope this wasn’t confusing at all and was easy to follow. If you have any questions please comment below or message me on my Instagram! Thank you for reading!!

Love Yours,


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