Quotes That Inspire You.

One of the main reasons I love to paint is because I use quotes or lyrics that help me stay grounded. If I’m having a bad day painting and looking up quotes or listening to music for lyrics helps me relax.

Below is a photo of eight pieces of artwork that I want YOU to fill in with quotes or lyrics that help you. Each piece of numbered 1-8.

What quotes inspire you?

What are your favourite lyrics?

Is there a quote you repeat to yourself daily?

When commenting or messaging me the quote please include the number of the artwork you want the quote featured on.

If you don’t have a specific one you want the quote on you can simply comment a quote and I’ll decide where it could fit in. All these vary in size and the smaller ones only fit 1-2 words.

Comment below or message me on Instagram here.

I can’t wait to discover new quotes and find out what inspires you.

Love yours,


UPDATE: (the numbers listed below have quotes)

  • #1
  • #5

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