We are one.

We may be different but we are also very much the same. I know that we all want the basic things in life. To feel loved, important, worthy, and safe. When we open up and let ourselves be vulnerable we learn so much more about ourselves and the world. We are one. We truly are. We may be different in geography but never in heart or soul.” – MC

The easiest thing to do when we’re feeling depressed is to hide away or ignore the fact that we’re actually hurting. As humans, we want to feel understood and heard, although sometimes we shut ourselves out to a point where we can’t be understood. Not because we can’t be but simply because we don’t understand ourselves fully yet.

We don’t open up, not because we don’t know how… but because we are scared of the judgement, stigma, or pain it could cause others. We are consumed by our mind and our thoughts, but we rarely challenge those thoughts. We feel a certain way and assume that we’ll always feel that way. This becomes a pattern because since we feel no one understands we feel alone in our thoughts and in our world. The fact is, we never truly are alone and if no one is understanding you it may be because you do not understand yourself.

For me I have a set of complex issues, even when I was in the psych ward my nurse told me that I have my work cut out for me, I did and still do to this day. I deal with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. I knew about my depression and anxiety since high school, but I never admitted or truly believed I had an eating disorder until last year. I almost felt ashamed for having yet another issue I had to deal with, but now I see it as just simply something I learned about myself. If I didn’t learn this or know about my eating disorder, or eating disorders in general, I wouldn’t be able to progress in life or start to feel better. I felt stuck before because I never spoke up. I realized that taking care of yourself is more than getting up and having a shower. It’s more than brushing your teeth or hair. It’s more than putting on makeup. It’s the self care on the things that we don’t see that make the biggest difference in our lives.

I felt the most alone when I was quiet. When I wasn’t speaking up about how I felt. Now that I can finally be free to talk about my life and my struggles I feel I have more power to listen to others. To speak not only to be heard but to start a conversation. To be the listener for someone who needs it. We aren’t ever truly alone. Our minds may isolate ourselves but I guarantee you even when you don’t feel support or love it is there for you. We are always told to treat others how we want to be treated, but how about we start giving ourselves the kindness we so willingly give to others.

Just know that when you open yourself up and learn more

about yourself you learn more about life and the world. 

You are not alone. We are not alone. 

We are one. 

love yours, 




  1. Love the perspective you put on accepting having an eating disorder – so you can progress and be better. I strive to be the best version of myself and I think this is how I’m going to start addressing my eating disorder. Thanks for sharing ❤

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