Bucket List

I’ve made one of these as a kid and I wish I could find that right now.. I’ve always liked having an organized list of dreams and things I want to accomplish in my life. For me that was always a bucket list. This list isn’t set in stone. Things can change and as more ideas come to my mind I’ll be adding more. Creating a list of your dreams or goals can help you focus and can start your plans to accomplish them..

Here’s my bucket list, is it similar to yours? (Nothing is in any sort of order)

Bucket List:

  • Own a home.
  • Go back to school/finish my degree.
  • Move to either Sunshine Coast or Harrison by 35.
  • Skydive!
  • Sing some karaoke
  • Take a road trip to the Oregon Coast & California.
  • Explore more of BC & Canada
  • Go skiing
  • Get married
  • Go to Whistler
  • Have an art show
  • Win the lottery, BIG

I’m trying so hard to remember the bucket-list I made as a kid, I know there’s things I could cross off on that list and that’s exciting. Hopefully one day I’ll come across it again, until then this list is my new bucket list. Happy Friday loves! Let’s go into the weekend with dreams and goals for our future.

Love yours,


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