Blog schedule.

Good morning loves! I hope your week is off to a great start. Yesterday was a serious case of the Mondays but I’m glad today is a new day and a new start for the week. I’ve been getting lots of feedback on Instagram about how often people want me blog && on what. I’ll definitely be posting weekly, however I’m hoping I’ll be blogging daily or every second day even if it’s just a simple post or photo.

I have created a schedule of what I’ll be blogging about and on what day. This isn’t set in stone and I’ll be changing this ever so often or posting something that has no relation to this. This is mostly a guide line for me and I hope you like the ideas! If there’s any topics or ideas you want me to post about please comment below. These are just some that came to my mind:

Monday – Music/Motivational Monday (alternating)


Wednesday – Wellness Wednesday

Thursday – Therapy Thursday: Mental Health Toolkit

Friday – Fitness/Health Friday



I’ll be keeping more up with this in the coming weeks and will likely make some changes. If you have any ideas for the weekend or Tuesday please let me know! I can’t wait to share more of my life, my thoughts and tips for us all to feel better. I’ll be posting Chapter 2 of the mental health toolkit later this week! If you haven’t downloaded it yet or would like more information, you can find out more here: x

Love yours,



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