All you need is love.

It’s cliché… you’ve heard it before I’m sure, but let’s really think about this concept. If the world had more love, wouldn’t it be a better place? Can we solve issues like climate change, inequality, poverty, over consumption, addiction, or war with love? I think we can because change starts with us and to want to create change we must be passionate and LOVE what we are doing.

My minds full of love and that’s all I can think of after my cousins wedding. (I’m proud because I’m not hungover and somewhat just inspired) Love is the most special thing in this world. When you love passionately, fearlessly, with no apologies. Seeing so much love around and celebration for that is such a beautiful moment. Not just for your partner, but your friends and your family. Love is delicate and beautiful. The world needs more of that..

It also makes me wonder. Why isn’t all love appreciated and celebrated? Why don’t we use more love and compassion in our world? To those who are strangers. To the ones who need it the most… Why are we so easy to make judgements, have resentment and hold onto hatred? When love could solve it all. I mentioned a few world issues above, which I know need research, time, science, ect ect.. but what we really need to start changing and solving these issues is love.

If we love we are more open. We are more compassionate for others and our earth. We become selfless. We begin to feel and free our minds. A few weeks ago Demi Lovato had an overdose and it really shed a light on addiction for me. That people will often send prayers and love to someone famous, but wouldn’t do so for someone in their own community. This just shows our willingness to love only goes so far, but I feel we should show our love equally. Demi needs our love and prayers just as much as that homeless person you see on the streets. Strangers need our love and support more than we realize. It’s extremely hard to open up and show love to even those in your family, friends, or your partner.. but once you do that. Once you open yourself up in ways you never thought possible, you can love and support someone who you don’t even know.


The world needs you to be passionate.

The world needs you to care.

The world needs more love.


LOVE can and will change our world.

Love yours,




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