Mindfulness Art Cards

I’ve been painting for four years now and since then I have a lot of artwork lying around that isn’t listed in my shop. Some are from a few months ago, some years. I decided to use some of my older prints in a way I could make them current and something I would be proud of. Last week I went through a lot of old artwork and cut them up into little pieces. “Mini prints” that I started to write quotes/positive sayings on. Now they’re a little bit more..

Mindfulness Art Cards are a perfect daily reminder to be positive and start your day with a hopeful mindset. Each day you’ll pick a card, each have a different design and quote that will be sure to make you smile! I’ve chosen a set of thirty that goes into a collective box that can be displayed at work or at home. A set of thirty includes the box or you can get a set of ten to add to a box you already have! Custom orders have recently opened up in the shop which means you can choose which quotes or lyrics go into the box! You can shop these Mindfulness art cards here: x

I’m currently having a giveaway of a customized box && 30 mindfulness art cards, 10 of those being customized quotes you choose!! To enter head over to my instagram post here: x

I can’t wait to send one of these boxes to a lucky winner! I know this would brightens someone’s day. Hopefully yours!! Giveaway ends September 30th, good luck!

Love yours,


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