love yours – self help & art magazine

Hey loves. I’ve had this idea for a while, but never really put things into action. I’m now starting the idea of creating a Love yours, self help & art magazine. Which will feature some writing by me, my art and hopefully YOU.


Do you have motivational products that you’d love to share or ideas that you couldn’t get out? Have you or are you struggling with a mental health issue and would like to share your story? Do you have a positive outlook or tips you want to share? All submissions can remain anonymous and there’s no pressure to have your writing be perfect!

This is a self help magazine for you and the community. A book where you can feel inspired to read and to share. Submissions will be always be open as I want this to be a magazine that comes out for every season!

Have any ideas and want to be apart of this project?

Email me at Message me on instagram here: x or comment below!

Let’s get this started!

Love yours, 

PS: I’ve already been thinking of changing “self help” to “self love” let me know what you think of that! AND to any writers/bloggers on here who blog about your mental health journey or positive messages please let me know if there’s an article you would like featured!! 


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