5 ways – to live a positive life

1: Stop comparing:

It’s hard to not compare ourselves to someone
else because we’ve become so programmed in
doing so. When we compare we forget to see
the beauty within ourselves. There’s no one
like us and when we compare we lose
ourselves. Remind yourself that your life is
worth living and you won’t feel the need
to compare yourself to others. Nobody is
perfect, I assure you. We all have our
own struggles and we all need that support.
Instead of comparing yourself to others
appreciate their beauty or life. You can be
strong, worthy, beautiful, creative, and talented.
So can they. We’re all in this together.

2. Let go of the things you cannot control:

We try to control everything. Our friends,
our family, how others see or view us.
What we forget is how much control we
have in our own lives. We have so much
control, yet we use it on things that don’t
benefit us. We can not control others or
how are viewed in this world. What we
can do is change ourselves and the world
we live in. We share who we are and the
world we create. It’s important to know
what is worth controlling. We have so
much power in us. We can control who
we are and who we go. Remember that
when we take the time to control others
we forget all the power we have in
controlling our own life. We cannot
change others , but we can change ourselves.

3. Take time for yourself:

I cannot stress enough how important it is to
take some time for yourself. YES, just yourself.
You are worthy of that time. So many of my
friends feel like they don’t have time for
themselves or that they don’t deserve it. I
want them and you to know you DO have
time and you DO deserve it. We plan so many
things. Whether they be for work, for friends
or family. That we sometimes forget about us.
If something doesn’t benefit you or your
recovery say no && start saying yes to things
that help you grow. You deserve to take time
for yourself, whether that be reading a book,
drawing, coloring, or taking a spa day.
You deserve to take time with yourself.
Amazing things can happen when we are
in tune with our minds and how we feel.

4. Be honest with your yourself & your feelings:

A huge reason why we never move on
in our lives is because we hide our true
feelings. We become either too afraid to
admit when we need help/feel bad or
feel stuck/comfortable in our daily routines.
We also hide our feelings because we’re
afraid to hurt someone else, but this only
ends up hurting ourselves more. The
moment I started to open up about my true
feelings is the first time I felt truly free.
It was as if as weight was lifted off my
shoulders and I could walk with my head
held high. Being honest with yourself could
mean writing out your feelings or talking
to yourself positively. This could also mean
reaching out for help if you need it. Feeling
anxious, suicidal and depressed is scary but
what is scarier is masking those feelings and
hiding away. You belong here and you are
not any less of a person for feeling &
admitting when you aren’t okay.

5. Let others in and reach out:

It’s so important to know you are loved
and wanted here. When I was at my lowest
I thought that I was alone and unloved.
I was wrong. When we feel depressed we
automatically think that no one could
understand or that we’re alone in general.
I want you to know that isn’t true. A
breaking point in my recovery was reaching
out and letting others in. Once I realized
my worth and understood my mental health
issues, I knew I wasn’t alone. I reached out
and I was surprised with how much love
came back to me. We aren’t meant to do
life alone and we always need supports.
When you let love into your life you start
to feel more purpose. I wouldn’t be where
I am today without the amazing people
in my life. I almost lost them because I
was losing myself. Once I found myself
again I found all the love that was
surrounding me all along.

Everyday I choose to choose recovery. I work through these everyday and everyday I learn more about myself & what I need to do. We all deserve to have a positive outlook on life and work through the issues that face us through life. I also made these tips into a mini magazine on flipsnack.  If you are struggling right now I hope this brings you some peace that aren’t alone and I’m here for you. We are all on this fight together.

Love yours,

ps: I’m starting to create more free resources for you guys, we can heal together ❤ 

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