loveyoursca is two!

LoveyoursCA is TWO YEARS OLD!!! It still feels like yesterday when I decided to start selling art and share my story on the internet. I created love yours with the intention of it becoming something more, not just for me but for others as well. Today, I am so proud of how far it’s come and where it will go.

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Two years ago when loveyoursca began ❤

LoveyoursCA started off as a blog, where I shared my thoughts hoping it would help others like me. It then became me selling artwork so I created my Etsy, attended some craft fairs, and I quickly realized I wanted it to be a bit more than that.. I wanted it to be a place where you go if you’re feeling depressed, sad or anxious. A place that you felt safe to share your struggles. A place to just simply be and reflect. For me, I feel like it’s become that and so much more. & that is because of Y O U.

The customers I’ve had are the kindest humans and some have become friends who I care for deeply. I’ve learned so much from others on Instagram, some of whom have sparked the light back in me. I started recovery in November of last year and I truly wouldn’t have realized my worth in that if it wasn’t for the lovely humans I’m connected to. I’m so thankful to have this safe place to share my journey. It has brought me so much love and light. I wouldn’t be where I am today without loveyoursca or all of you who continue to give me love.

You guys have made this all possible. From reading my posts, sharing them, sharing your story, expressing yourself, and seeing that light in you. I’m so proud of you loves and I’m beyond thankful that I have your support in this. I wouldn’t have been able to do this or feel comfortable doing this, without you loves.. I hope you know how much I appreciate you! You are truly the reason why I created loveyoursCA and it wouldn’t have become anything without you.

&& today ♥️

Thank you loves, Here’s to two more years & beyond… I’ve found that self love and living a positive life through mental health issues is a lifetime journey. One that is sometimes difficult, but the most rewarding because it lets you become whoever you want to be. We have the power within us love.

Love yours…
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PS: Use code ‘selflove’ in my etsy to get 50% off!
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