You do NOT need to change yourself to accept yourself

Trying to love and accept my body as it is while I’m getting constant talk of people & society changing their bodies, dieting, or doing a b or c workouts is beyond triggering for me. It almost feels like we live in a world where we must change our bodies to be accepted or to accept our bodies. Some days, I don’t even know how to recover anymore because once I feel comfortable in my body or my ED all this talk of dieting or changing bodies comes up and I go right back to where I was before. Wanting to change my body to fit societies standard of beauty.. Why does it have to be this way? It doesn’t…. 

My heart aches for woman and girls who are constantly struggling with their bodies because society has let us to believe that only one body type was beautiful. The constant talk of our bodies and how someone looks ‘so much better’ when they lose x amount of weight or x amount of inches of fat or only eating x amount of foods. The control we put onto ourselves, food and dieting is beyond draining. 

It is okay to be healthy and it is okay to want to change your body.. but it’s not okay to change your body in order to love or accept your body. 

It’s like saying this: 

“I will only love my body once I lost weight.” 

“I will only accept my body when I’m not over weight.” 

“I will only love my body when I fit into a size x” 

“I will only love myself when I’m not fat.” 

If this is the case, we shouldn’t be focusing on changing our bodies we should be focusing on changing our thoughts. Our bodies are worthy of love in any state or size no matter what your mind or society may say. We’ve grown up in a world where only one body type is beautiful or healthy. That gaining weight is a bad thing and that having fat on our bodies is ugly which isn’t true. All bodies are beautiful and worthy of being plastered onto magazines. The sad reality is that we are society. In order to change we must challenge these norms and shift our thoughts.

We can change our thoughts to this: 

“I love my body right now and I will strengthen my body to keep myself strong.” 

“I accept my body as it is and it’s okay that I want to change to make a difference in how I feel physically.” 

“I am beautiful at any size and the extra pounds I’ve gained is just more of me to love.”

“I accept the body I have and I will continue to make healthy choices to nourish myself.” 

Our bodies are always constantly changing throughout our lives and it’s important to love it through all the bumps, curves and changes. We are human, we aren’t robots meant to look a certain way to feel worthy or beautiful. Size doesn’t determine our worth or if we are beautiful or healthy.

I wish I knew that years ago and even now I’m still training my brain that ALL bodies are beautiful as they are. && fat bodies, curvy bodies, or skinny bodies don’t need to change to be accepted or beautiful. It’s important to know that you CAN love yourself without changing a thing about your body. If you want to change, focus your change by how you feel not by how you look because you are already beautiful.

Remember, never judge a book by it’s cover.. Just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean they are healthy.. the same goes for someone who is fat. Just because they’re fat doesn’t mean they aren’t healthy… And FAT is NOT a bad word.

Love yours,



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