Volume 4 submissions: OPEN

I still remember having the idea for a self love magazine. I envisioned how I wanted it to be and now sitting here about to start volume 4… I’m so proud of what it has become for me since I started the first volume last winter. It started off with just my journey and ideas, then explored the journey and love of other beautiful humans continuing to fight. Without my contributors this magazine wouldn’t be all it is to me. We all may be different in many ways, but our love and our lives bring us together. Sharing our struggles can help us feel more powerful. The power to control our lives, our mental health issues, and how we feel.

Volume 4 is now underway with new ideas, new articles, and new journey’s. I’ll be reaching out to those who have been inspiring me, but if you feel the need to share anything from your personal journey I would love to hear from you!

Submissions can range from: 

  • Your experience through mental health issues
  • Photos from your travels and how that has inspired you
  • Tips or ideas that have helped you through recovery
  • Poems, writing, or stories that are related to mental health
  • Positive or negative experiences throughout your journey
  • Recipes, beauty tips, home decor, advertisements on local or small businesses

The first volume was where everything started. It started with me and I’m so happy to continue it with you. I am now offering the first volume of my self love magazine for free on flipsnack. You can read through it all here: volume 1

If you have anything you would like to share please email me: loveyoursca@gmail.com
You can either email me the things you would like to submit or give me permission to explore your Instagram or Blog if links are provided. My contributors are a big part of my magazine and I hope to hear from you ❤

I’m eager to get this started for you.

Love yours,


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