Not So Social Media

This is my own experience with social media and although I love being able to connect with many people that a far away or close, I know and can awknowledge the damages that social media is causing.

I’m really afraid of social media.

The illusion that it has created for us.

Making us feel closer to people for a moment, but in reality we are very much alone.

Has social media made you more social?

Is it a place that makes you happy or does it cause you anxiety?

I wish my teenage life and even adult life didn’t revolve around social media. I wish people actually communicated with the people around them. A simple hello to a stranger is becoming lost, because we’ve become lost in our phones.

I feel that social media has created more anxiety in us all which has in turn made us more likely to isolate ourselves. Making us feel more alone and more anxious to make plans with friends or go out without being on social media. We feel connected with social media. Like we belong with something when we post the highlights of our lives. The reality we live by “if we didn’t post about it then how could it be true’’. We no longer know what it’s like to just be in a moment because we need to capture it… post about it… make a cool funky caption and hope that people will like it.

What kind of life are we creating for ourselves?

What kind of world are we creating?

A world where we look down at our phones instead of looking up at the beauty of the day? It’s scary. That social media has created the perfect recipe for disaster. A place to compare and wish that we had the glamorous life of our peers. A place where we don’t feel good enough, pretty enough, or cool enough.

Social media can be damaging and draining, but it is also what you create for yourself. The thing with social media is, you get to decide who you follow and what you see. So to make social media more loving, more accepting, more positive. Block the accounts that are triggering to you. Unfollow the accounts that don’t help you grow. Ignore the ones who you wish you were, because you are amazing who you are. This past year I’ve been slowly unfollowing people who aren’t my friend or someone I would normally spend time with. I’ve blocked people who are triggering to me and my feed is becoming something that I am comfortable seeing. Why? Because it is my space.

Social media can be scary, but we also create our social media network just like we create our networks in real life.

My challenge for you is to create a different social media network for yourself. Create something more loving and more positive. Not just for you, But for me, too.

My second challenge for you is to put down your phone more throughout the day. Instead of scrolling through instagram, pick up a book. Instead of posting a random picture, draw or create your own. Instead of writing a caption, write in your journal. We need more moments without technology or social media.

We create our world, even our social media world.

I hope this sparks more interactions in your life, the human kind.

Love yours,



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