Love Yours, self love magazine

LoveyoursCA started with artwork, but it then quickly turned into something more. It turned into my purpose and my mission. To speak up about my mental health illnesses, share my experiences, and show that healing throughout artwork and reflecting is possible. When I created LoveyoursCA I never thought it would go beyond artwork, but it has. With passion, expression, support, love and community. It’s become something more.

I’ve just finished Volume 5 of my self love magazine. This volume is by far the biggest one I’ve completed and took the longest time to finish. The other volumes took me 1-2 months maximum, but volume 5 took me 5 months to complete. I wanted this one to be different in all the best ways – and it is. It has over 18 contributors from around the world. It has over 70 pages where as my other volumes had between 30-40 pages. It has more content and different layouts. With every volume I’ve created I’ve fallen in love with them. This one is no different. I was proud of volume’s 1 through 4, I mean I still am in ways… But volume 5 feels different to me. I am so proud of this one. From the context, to the simplicity, to the details. All of it sparks my drive and mission to be better. To create and get my story out there… Because there is light in the darkness.

Volume five is now available to purchase as a PDF in my Etsy shop. For only $10 you’ll have content from my contributors who express their journeys through mental health illness, eating disorders, body image issues, and more! This magazine reassures me that we aren’t alone in our battles. There is a community of love to help lift you up. This is it.


Love yours,

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What is ‘Love Yours’? Love yours is a way of life. A random concept I started three years ago has helped me heal through my depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Love yours is loving your own life, being grateful for what you have without feeling the need to compare it to someone else’s. We all have purpose here and when we connect with each other we create a network of positivity.  Love yours is reminding yourself everyday of your worth and that you are worth loving. Not only by others but by yourself. too. Love yours is something I practice daily and there’s no end destination or finish line to this thing. Love yours will always be with me and I hope you can begin your journey with me too. We are in this together.

What is LoveyoursCA?
@loveyoursca is a range of handmade products that I create to help you live a positive life and remind yourself of your worth. These products include: one of a kind artwork, custom orders, mindfulness art cards, art boxes, self love magazines, workbooks, bookmarks, home décor and more!


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