oh, hey there ❥

It’s been a minute, or a few months but who’s counting. Maybe me, okay I’ll stop the silly jokes but I’m in a rut and I need to write more. Not for anyone really, but for me. I’ve been so consumed on everything else lately that I’ve been forgetting one key element to who I am and what I do. Which is writing.

The only reason why I haven’t posted more on here, or been writing in general is because I’ve really been waiting to be inspired. When you get that wave of words and it just out pours. Or something happens and you become really passionate about something. Or I’ve been waiting for things to change so I can just move on. But that’s impossible.

Life is how it is. I can’t stop waiting to only write when it feels natural too, I mean free writing has always been my favourite way to break free of that. Many things have happened this year, many I am passionate about and am working on in my own space. But I don’t feel the capacity to write about all that 2020 intails and how I am feeling about it. Maybe that’s the thing – I have way too much to write about, that I don’t know where to even start so it can become overwhelming? Who knows. But whatever it was – or is. I am glad to just be writing now insteading of my endless thoughts looping and looping.

But hey – it’s 2020, maybe I will just rant or write more about what I want. Because maybe this year needs to be the year I take the filter off and stop worrying about what others think of my writing, me or what I am saying.

Because at the end of the day, I am here to love, bring light, write, reflect and create beautiful things for this world. My words can just add to that. For now. ♥︎

Love yours,


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