Create an online space you love.

At the start of this year, I was consumed in self doubt. I was comparing myself to anybody and everybody online, even people I hated. Being on social media was starting to become a draining experience. One that I wasn’t enjoying. So I decided to take a break and figure out why I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

I started to put blame on something, at first it was myself. I wasn’t posting enough, expressing myself enough, trying hard enough. Then it was everyone else, no one is supporting me, no one cares. Until I realized, my online space starts with me. Just as my real life does. I could create a space online that I loved, that I felt safe in, and happy to share my life.

Social media can be a draining place. It can also be very negative and hateful. But it is also so much more than that. Social media – is what we make it. We control who we follow, who follows us, and for the most part, what we see.

So I decided to take some steps to help myself enjoy social media again. If you are feeling like you compare endlessly online or that you’re drained by scrolling. Use these steps to create a space you love!

Create an online space you love:

  • Unfollow accounts that drain you.
    If you find yourself comparing or getting angry at an account or person, unfollow them. The mute button also comes in handy in this instance!
  • Turn OFF notifications;
    This is my favourite thing and I wish I did it sooner. This way, I don’t get buzzed every time I get a like or comment. I can respond on my terms, when I’m not anxious. This also allows me to go on Instagram when I want to and I get excited to see notifications all at once at random times.
  • Set daily limits:
    Daily limits allows me to keep track of how often I spend on Instagram and kicks me out when I’ve reached my limit. Luckily though, it is easy to get back in if you want to.
  • Post when you are inspired:
    I was always worried about how often I posted or the layout ect. This is still something I work through, but I’ve found the pressure lets off more when you only post when you feel inspired. When you have something to say, without feel forced to do so. Taking pictures for content when you feel like it and when you feel happy to create something new.

The biggest help for enjoying social media again was allowing myself to be in control. In control of what I posted and what I wanted to see. Being online is what we make it and it can be a joyful positive space. I have made so many connections online and have learned how to take better care of myself throughout recovery. The positives always outweigh the bad. In the end, being online has allowed me to gain confidence in myself. Something I’ve learned from so many. I hope you can create an online space you love and get inspired by, too. Because if we aren’t enjoying ourselves online, what is the point?

Love Yours,


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