affirmations & intentions

I am finishing up one of my journals and I love looking back at all the positive things I’ve written. My journals use to be filled with awful things but now, I fill them with good things too. Pages filled with things like:

“Good Memories”
“Favorite places to go.”
“Things I would tell my therapist”
“Self Care Ideas.”

And my favorite: Affirmations & Intentions.

This journal, I started in October of 2020. So much has changed since then. It’s crazy looking back at it all. But there are so many hopeful, happy pages. That I am happy to share.


  • Feel the freedom of expressing how you feel.
  • Enjoy whatever today brings you.
  • Be offline, Be mindful, Be Free.
  • Treat my body with love & kindness.
  • Learn about real issues, not online fame people’s drama issues
  • Be Present. Breathe. Go with the flow of the day.
  • Inform instead of yell, be knowledgeable.
  • Be there for your friends, your strength shines through when you help others. (Your friend can be yourself)


  • You are worthy of good things.
  • I am grateful for my safety.
  • You are capable of amazing things.
  • Your heart knows the way.
  • I belong here. My journey matters.
  • I can be at peace, right now.
  • I can enjoy my life despite my pain.
  • I can be the person I’ve needed.
  • I am safe and in space of peace within myself.
  • I have the ability to enjoy my day and be one with myself.
  • I am strong and capable in this life.
  • I am not meant to know all the answers.

Which affirmation or intentions are your favorite? I hope you write these in your journal or create new ones to help remind you to keep going.

Love Yours,


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What is ‘Love Yours’? Love yours is a way of life. A random concept I started five years ago has helped me heal through my depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Love yours is loving your own life, being grateful for what you have without feeling the need to compare it to someone else’s. We all have purpose here and when we connect with each other we create a network of positivity. Love yours is reminding yourself everyday of your worth and that you are worth loving. Not only by others but by yourself, too. Love yours is something I practice daily and there’s no end destination or finish line to this thing. Love yours will always be with me and I hope you can begin your journey with me too. We are in this together.

What is LoveyoursCA?
@loveyoursca is a range of handmade products that I create to help you live a positive life and remind yourself of your worth. These products include: one of a kind artwork, custom orders, prints, mindfulness art cards, self love magazines, workbooks, bookmarks, home décor and more!


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