About Me

Hey love! thanks for being here, my name is Michelle, I am twenty eight from Vancouver BC, CanadaWelcome to my safe place where I share and explore my journey with depression, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, and bulimia nervosa.  Struggling and feeling helpless was something I thought I always had to feel. I was living in fear and letting my mental health issues win. Taking over my life, my relationships and my body. Now, as I fight to choose recovery I am learning to have control of it all.

My journey to self love is always moving, all of ours is. It’s a constant fight, battle, and choice we make everyday. There’s really no destination or end to this thing. I will always strive to be better, I will always continue to grow, learn, reflect and evolve. My hope through this journey is that we can inspire each other and create a network of positivity. We aren’t meant to sit in silence anymore, struggling alone is in the past now.
Let’s move forward together. I’m here with you.