Just Breathe

Relaxing or taking time for yourself everyday is super important. We are so caught up in our daily lives that we forget about caring for ourselves.

What makes me feel relaxed may not work for you. Below are what helps me relax. Write down in your favourite journal what helps you relax. Choose one for today and complete one everyday because you do deserve time for yourself!

Things that help me relax:

  • Walking outdoors in nature
  • Taking pictures
  • Playing or cuddling with Alison
  • Enjoying the sunset
  • Listening to music or singing
  • Colouring
  • Painting
  • Writing or creating things with my mind or thoughts

Doing things for yourself is so important. Now that you have written things that help you relax start to think of things you love. Write down at least ten things that you love. Your hobbies. Past or present. If they are past wonder why?  Can I still do this? Do I miss doing this? If so maybe start again. You can always do things that you are passionate about. You can always relearn and enjoy the things that you love and want to do. Now look at both lists and compare. Are there similar things on each? If so you may be passionate about this. If there are similarities to your lists try to complete that  hobby or goal first. Take 30 mins for yourself each night. It will help you relax your soul, mind and body and relax you for night time. Turn off your mind for this time and truly enjoy the time for yourself.


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