My journey in the psych ward.

Hi loves, with the recent public suicides last week and many others we don't hear about... I think it’s time I share a crucial part of my journey - being admitted into the psych ward. I’m writing this to show you that things do get better and to end the stigma on mental health. My mom... Continue Reading →


These past few months have flown by.. just like this year has. So many wonderful things have happened this spring and I want to focus on the most special to me - My trip to Victoria. My lifelong best-friend has lived there for a few years and I finally took the trip over there to... Continue Reading →

LoveyoursCA giveaway!!

Hello loves, I hope you guys have been doing well! This past month has been super busy, but it was one of my favourite months this year. My birthday was at the start and I got to celebrate with my family/best friends and at the end of the month I went to Victoria to visit... Continue Reading →

One year of loveyoursCA

A year ago today I created loveyoursCA! I still remember having the ideas and thinking if any of it was possible. I'm so glad I went out of my comfort zone and decided to create this space. It's been an amazing year of creating art, sharing my story, doing custom orders, and attending craft fairs.... Continue Reading →

Then and Now.

I love looking back at the art I've done. It all started back in 2014 when Taylor Swift released 1989. Her watercolor painting and her album really inspired me to start painting. I've always been creative, but the last time I painted with watercolors was back in high school and even then it was only once or... Continue Reading →

We are one.

"We may be different but we are also very much the same. I know that we all want the basic things in life. To feel loved, important, worthy, and safe. When we open up and let ourselves be vulnerable we learn so much more about ourselves and the world. We are one. We truly are.... Continue Reading →

I am not my eating disorder.

Some days I still don't believe that I have an eating disorder. I still remember sitting in the room at the eating disorder clinic, explaining myself and being told I have the 'characteristics' of the most common ones. Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating. Learning about them more made me realize that I've had... Continue Reading →

Quotes That Inspire You.

One of the main reasons I love to paint is because I use quotes or lyrics that help me stay grounded. If I'm having a bad day painting and looking up quotes or listening to music for lyrics helps me relax. Below is a photo of eight pieces of artwork that I want YOU to... Continue Reading →

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