Show love & kindness

It’s really easy to get wrapped up in our issues. To think of all the bad that’s happened to us throughout our lives and have them consume our minds. It doesn’t have to be that way. When we feel upset or depressed we often isolate ourselves and don’t allow others in. That is so damaging. There’s so many people who love you and want to be apart of your life… I am one of them. I may not know you personally or your story but I assure you that you have a purpose and a light that needs to be here. 

As I’ve said before I want this place to be safe for you. A place you know you will be encouraged, shown love, and kindness. Not just through me, but through our peers and visitors of this page. I have an ongoing project that I want you included in. If you have any special quotes or sayings that help you through the day pleases comment them here, on my facebook page, or my instagram. Lets encourage each other and show each other that we can open our hearts. We can get through this, together.


Thank you for the ongoing support, it means so much and I appreciate it more than you know ❤

Love yours,

Michelle xox

Happy Monday! 

For some the start of a new year or birth year can be a new beginning. A feeling of a fresh start and an opportunity to change or create goals.  That moment doesn’t only have to be once or twice a year. You can start changing your life at anytime! So why not today… Monday April 24th could be the day you say hell thats enough… it’s time for me. That moment of realization that you can do things you love, be happy, and enjoy life can take more time than you think. For me it took years and there are still days where those feelings seem so far away and that’s okay. It’s okay to have bad days… just remember that there is good to come even if that good is lost. You can find it! There’s so much good in this world and you don’t have to go far to reach it.

I want to thank all who have liked my facebook page or instagram for loveyoursCA. I appreciate the love and support so much, it means more than you’ll know. I want to include you all in this blog, my instagram, and facebook. You matter and so do your stories. I am always here for if you need someone and I hope these platforms will be a safe place for you. 

I am going to be painting these coming days and would love to know what your favourite lyrics or quotes are. Ones that help you through the day and that you replay in your mind. Please comment here, my facebook page: or my instagram: @loveyoursCA You can always send me a message if you would like to be anonymous! If I end up using the quote you sent I will feature your name or handle on the back on the artwork. Only with your consent. I look forward to hearing from you and knowing what quotes motivate you. 

Love Yours,

Michelle xox 


I am so excited to share that I am starting to sell my art. I had this idea a few months ago and started painting more planning a goal of selling some in the fall at craft fairs with my grandma. Things have sped up for me as I have the opportunity to do a craft fair in July. I recently made an etsy account, first just for my Taylor fan account as this started by writing out Taylor’s lyrics or quotes. It’s turned into more than that as I’m expanding to different quotes or lyrics that have inspired me. I’ve found such a peace in painting that I’ve collected quite a few and I’m excited to share these uplifting messages with you 💗  

I will post more in here, about loveyoursCA and about loving yourself. I’m excited for this journey and hope you’ll tag along ✌🏻 

Love yours, 

Michelle xox 

PS: below are links to my instagram, Facebook && etsy ❤️