12 things I’ve learned from being a mama. 


My daughter is one!! I never knew how fast a year could go by. It’s surreal. This past year has truly been a gift and I’ve learned so much throughout her first year of life. I’m so proud of her everyday and of myself for being her mama ❤ below I am going to write the twelve things I have learned from being a mom, even if you aren’t a parent I’m sure you could relate some of these to your life. 

1. Time goes by way faster than you think. 

  • I know that times go by fast, but you have a baby I feel it goes even faster. All I did was blink and she smiled, laughed, crawled, talked. It’s truly surreal.. now she’s one and I’m wondering how!? Wasn’t she my little 5 pound baby just yesterday? 

2. Nothing goes as planned. 

  • I learnt this as I went through labour. You can plan as much as you want, but not everything will happen how you want it to. Things will happen that you don’t expect at all. It’s important to be open to change and to be flexible. This way it won’t bother you if something doesn’t work out!

3. Simple moments are the best. 

  • Seeing her smile or waking you to laughter are the best moments. Hearing her first words, crawling, smiling, the milestones. Those are the moments that are the most special ❤️

4. Love at first sight, does exsist. 

  • The moment you see your baby everything falls into place. It’s so surreal having this little being look up at you with such curiousity. I never really believed in love at first sight, maybe a connection sure, but when you see your baby. You instantly fall in love. A love deeper than anything you could explain. 

5. Your body changes and that’s okay. 

  • A body is just a body. A body changes as life goes on and that is truly a beautiful thing. I’m so proud of what my body has done for my daughter. It’s truly amazing what a woman’s body can do. 

6. You’ll feel lonely but you’ll feel whole. 

  • You may lose some friends. You may not see people as often as you’d hope and it’s really hard. But your little one makes that all better. They fill your heart in a way you never knew was possible before.  

7. Even when you’ve had enough and the crying is too much, they probably just want cuddles ❤

  • Giving lots of cuddles, hugs, kisses is so important. Even when you feel drained or frustrated at the end of the day. My daughter has so much comfort from being close and I know she won’t enjoy cuddles forever so I’ll take them when I can. 

8. They’ll be a million opinions thrown at you, but you know your baby best. 

  • I’ve learned I know more than I ever thought. I am stronger than I ever believed. I know my daughter best and I know what she needs. I love that connection with her. It’s incredible.  

9. Putting yourself first is so important. 

  • There’s a different than being selfish and putting yourself first. In order for your baby to be healthy or happy you have to be that for yourself. You’re baby notices everything you do so show her self love. She’ll end up loving herself just as you love yourself. 

10. You’ll be tested. 

  • They’ll be sleepless nights. Lots. LOTS of crying. You’ll feel like ripping your hair out, but that’s okay. Those moments don’t last forever and will pass faster then you think. Being calm and loving helps immensely as your babes knows if you’re frustrated. 

11. You don’t ever nap when baby naps

  • This still to this day is the funniest thing I have ever heard. I’ve maybe napped a total of five times when she has napped and usually when I try. She’ll wake up. When she naps my mind races of what to do with myself and sometimes I honestly miss her.. 

12. You are WAY stronger than you think. 

  • To this day I am still so proud of how I handed giving birth and being a mom. I felt like such a bad ass strong woman giving birth to her. I love how I pushed through the pain and listened to my doctor. (I still don’t know why people say you’ll forget the pain because oh I remember) but it was all so worth it. I wouldn’t change anything ✨

Alison, you are such a gift to me. You bring a joy and happiness to my life that I never thought could exist. You make my life better and I learn from you everyday. To love more, to be open, curious and to see the good in life. I love you so much darling. More than you’ll ever know. 💗

Love yours,

Michelle Xox

Being a mom is the best thing I am. 

Becoming a mom has been the best experience of my life. I could never picture my life without my daughter. She’s made me realize that everyday can bring you joy and happiness. I love being with her. I love being her mom. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I have always had anxiety throughout my life. It’s always hard to talk about or understand. Before having Alison I always wondered if I would be a good mom or if I would do things ‘right.’ I’ve realized now there is no right way. You honestly have this motherly instinct come over you and all you want is what’s best for your baby. I was never really nervous to give birth… I was more nervous for the after part. Being a mom. Figuring things out. The first night with her I didn’t sleep at all. I held her in my arms. Fed her, watched her sleep, wondered how this little beautiful girl was growing inside me. It’s truly amazing what the woman body can do. I love my body so much for being able to support her. During those moments in the hospital I became more eager to get out and to just learn with her in becoming a mom. 

Before you go home with baby the nurses make you watch a video about infants, babies blues, basically something to prepare you for when you go home. After the video I was more nervous as I thought my baby would cry constantly and I would lose my mind. Come to find that worry was for nothing. I am truly blessed with the happiest baby I could have ever dreamed of. She smiles and laughs more than she cries. She is curious and friendly more than she is shy or scared. Ali has really made me realize many things in life. That you can take joy in the little things. You don’t need much to feel joy or happiness. You can learn and grow everyday. Being open to change, growing, and learning is how I get through everyday. She makes it so easy to get up in the morning. No matter how exhausted or tired I am. I am always so excited to see her. To learn next to her. To see her grow and grow along with her. Everyday I become a better mom, because she is an amazing daughter.

I truly never thought things would go by so fast. You hear “they grow up fast” constantly, but it is so true. Alison is almost one and that is just a crazy concept to me. It feels just like yesterday I was holding my little girl and all she did was sleep and eat. I miss those moments so much but now she’s crawling, talking, playing, eating solids.. It’s really surreal. With every moment I miss there is a new milestone that she reaches. You just take it all in and it’s such a beautiful moment. I am so lucky to have such a happy, healthy, beautiful, smart and strong baby. I’m so thankful for her and all she’s done in my life already. I’ll always enjoy being her mom. It’s best thing I am ❤

Everyday being a mom is the best thing I am. I am so lucky.

Love yours,

Michelle Xox.

Alison’s birth story. 

It’s been ten months since the birth of my baby girl, but I have never written her birth story. I wish I would have written it earlier as I would have probably remembered more although that time was stressful. I probably wouldn’t have been able to reflect and gather my thoughts if I had wrote it then. I never thought I would share this, but I am excited too as my girl is a strong little one ❤

On January 12th my baby girl Alison was born. The birth wasn’t what I expected, but I am proud of how I handled it. My only view of birth or pregnancy was through the media. It really isn’t as glamours as it is made out to be.. wish I would have known that before! My baby’s due date was January 29th. I always had a feeling that she would be early, but I didn’t know why. On the first week of January I started feeling a bit weird. Itchy weird. I was itchy everywhere, but mostly my hands and feet. I went to google and googled what it could be (I probably googled things over a million times) and found out that it could be Obstetric Cholestasis. I was pretty scared, but ignored it for a few days in hopes that the itching would go away but it didn’t. On Saturday January 9th I went to Royal Columbian with my mom to see if it was a possibility. A couple hours later a nurse came in telling me I had to come in tomorrow to be induced. I was completely shocked. – I didn’t even have my hospital bag ready or the playpen set up but it was time. I knew about induction from my prenatal class. I’m so glad that I attended that because it actually helped me in the moments leading to birth.

The next day I went in before noon and got my first induction. They first used the gel and monitored my contractions. I believe they also gave me some through an IV. They gave me some pain meds and sent me home and told me to come back until I was in active labour. I was in pain, but it wasn’t anything like the active labour I would experience in a couple days. Sunday was a long day and I believe I went to the hospital again but was sent home. I had a bath at home and had some dinner before going to bed early. I slept through the entire night without any pain or interruption which was weird for me. I wasn’t in any pain and things weren’t progressing. I called the hospital and we went back that Monday morning. I was induced again with more gel this time. I was also sent home after this and came backs sometime in the afternoon.

We were going to be sent home again as I wasn’t dilating very much. I believe it was around 5 or 6 and we were waiting for a doctor to check to see how dilated I was now. The nurse tried, but they couldn’t figure it out so we were waiting for a doctor. Can I just say checking to see how dilated you are hurts more than birth. Gosh it was terrible. Anyhow, the doctor was in a c-section pregnancy and it was taking longer than expected. Hours went by and the pain kept getting worse. I had laughing gas, which actually did make me laugh and helped a bit.. but when the back pain started I knew that I wouldn’t be able to give birth naturally. I was so against getting any pain meds, but learning about it more made it more of a possibility. Around 9 we finally got sent to a birthing room. I was in so much pain I don’t remember how I got there. I remember attempting to take a shower before the epidural came, but it didn’t help at all. When I got the epidural I felt as though I was going to pass out. I was in so much pain from the contractions and my back felt like it was going to break. Everything was blurry for me and I saw black spots. Once I had the epidural I felt much better. I was able to relax and get some sleep.

I slept for a couple hours and woke up around 11:30. I woke up thinking ‘man I need to shit’ and I told the nurse i needed to poop. All she said was “NO” and said to wait and not to push. Tyler woke up excited now and my mom was also thrilled. My birth plan was to just have Tyler in the room for the birth, but I realized I needed more support than that. My mom and dad were both there and I’m glad they were. The birth was filmed (which i never thought i would do) but I am glad I have that memory. I waited about 5-10 and then my doctor arrived. Thank goodness. The doctor that gave birth to me gave birth to my daughter and I will always treasure that. I stating pushing around 11:40. It was the strongest I have ever felt. It was such a surreal experience. When I first walked into the maternity ward I heard screaming. I thought for sure I would scream in pain, not able to continue, but I didn’t scream once. I felt like such a strong bad ass. I listened to my doctor, pushed when I needed to, and breathed when I needed to. It honestly felt like forever, but when you see a head down there.. An overwhelming feeling comes over you and you just have this instinct to get this baby out. When her head was out enough my doctor realized the cord was wrapped around her neck. Which I never really expected at all. I couldn’t push and she cut the cord while she was still inside me. I wanted delayed cord clamping so badly, but that wasn’t an option anymore. Ali’s life was. She came out shortly after she cut the cord and she was quickly placed onto me. I saw but in a blink of an eye she was gone. It was silent. There wasn’t crying and I thought I heard someone say “she isn’t breathing.” The nurse called for more help and there were tons of nurses. I laid on the bed alone while I watched everyone try to revive my baby across the room. I didn’t know it would happen like that. I didn’t get the first picture with all the gunk still on her as I wanted. It was so scary. I left alone unaware of what was happening. Tyler told me “it’s okay” and in that moment you feel as though it is. It’s what you learn after the birth months later which is the scary part, but I won’t get to that. Anyhow, which seemed like hours Alison finally took her first breath. They weighed her (5lbs 9oz❤️️) and finally was able to hold my baby. I wanted skin to skin. Before she was placed on my chest we decided she was born at 12:37. Which I thought was funny because you really just guess the time since no one is really paying that much attention to the clock. When I finally got to see her it was so surreal. She looked up at me and was so calm. It was such a beautiful moment and I realize I created this beautiful human. It really is amazing what the human body could do.

Giving birth has made me realize things don’t go as planned. Sometimes you don’t get the picture of her right after birth. Sometimes the unexpected happens. Sometimes it isn’t all glamours. No matter how my pregnancy and birth experience was for me I wouldn’t change a thing. I am so thankful for my doctor and the nurses who helped my baby girl. She is so strong and I knew she would get through this. I never thought I would have to experience that, even for my first baby and I’m not going to lie it has scared me. Birth is such a miracle and but when something goes wrong it’s as if times stops. All I can do now is look back and be proud. Proud of how I handled things.. Proud of my strength and Alison’s. Everything was meant to happen as it did and I’m so happy with how things have turned out. I have the best baby girl anyone could ask for. I’m glad I finally decided to write this. I have been for a while. I’m glad to share this experience with you. Have you ever created a birth story? Maybe it’s time to look back. I was scared to write mine because of all that happened, but it is good to look back and reflect. Things do turn out okay. I believe that. ❤️

Love yours,

Michelle Xox


Being a mom is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Carrying a baby for nine months, giving birth, and then giving a life to a little being. It’s such a surreal experience. It can be overwhelming as a new first time mom I know that sure. It’s always important to take care of ourselves.. that way we can care for our child or children even better. When i was looking into resources online I found an AWESOME work book that I printed off. It is pretty lengthy about 100 or so pages so if you cannot print at home TRY the library or try to fill it out online if possible.. I will post the link below. It focuses on your mental health, things such as health and self esteem. It is really useful and i found it to be an awesome tool for me to help me with my journey. It brings focus and realization to your life. I hope you enjoy it and even if you aren’t a mother it could be useful for you as well as it is mostly focusing on yourself and how to make yourself the best you can be!!

The Link is below: http://www.iwk.nshealth.ca/themes/iwkhc/downloads/mmh-toolkit.pdf

I hope that links works well for you and you take the time for yourself ❤

Love yours,

Michelle Xox.