25 things I’ve learned in twenty five years.

I AM TWENTY FIVE!! When i was a teenager, I thought at twenty five I would have it all. A big house, a fancy car, a fit body, a husband, kids, a successful job, and tons of money. AND if I had all that I would finally be happy with myself, with my body, and …

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My relationship with food.

I’ve had my ED since I was in grade 7. I would remember restricting so many foods, under eating, binge eating, purging. Feeling so bad for eating a food labeled as bad. That went on throughout high school. I was embarrassed to eat around people and felt extremely bad if I got a piece of …

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Mothers’ Mental Health Toolkit – Chapter 3

Hello loves! We are now onto chapter 3- understanding Mother’s Mental Health. This chapter focuses on dimensions of mental health, family violence/safety plans, risk factors, progress in recovery, and causes/symptoms to look out for when dealing with mental health issues. Even though this chapter is understanding Mother’s mental health, it can be used to help …

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