My relationship with food.

I’ve had my ED since I was in grade 7. I would remember restricting so many foods, under eating, binge eating, purging. Feeling so bad for eating a food labeled as bad. That went on throughout high school. I was embarrassed to eat around people and felt extremely bad if I got a piece of …

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free your mind.

I went back to work this week. I was extremely anxious to go back, but it’s truly been more wonderful than I could have imagined. I quit a few months ago when I didn’t even feel worthy to work or be around the amazing group of people that I work with. I’m so glad I …

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Mothers’ Mental Health Toolkit – Chapter 2

We are onto Chapter 2! This chapter focuses more on the Role of being a mom/tips to help moms when stressed. If you aren't a mother or parent the section "Emotional Coping Strategies" and "Parenting through Depression" could apply to your life as it focuses on exercises to deal with stress/depression. If you haven't yet downloaded …

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