Since grade ten I have had a tumblr account. I don’t really use the orginal one but a couple years ago I made a blog dedicated to Taylor. I have so many people on there that I have connected with and love dearly… Even Taylor herself as she follows me.

The blog is: http://23wildestdreams.tumblr.com/

I post a lot about Taylor but have recently posted many other things now too. I love nature, I love quotes, and beautiful pictures.. I won’t be posting much of that on here, but will still be using my tumblr as much as I can. There is also an ask box on my blog there that is always open if you ever need someone to talk to. I will never judge you and I will always have my arms open for you… Even if we are miles away..

Love yours, 

Michelle Xox.

PS: My blog from grade ten is still up. It goes back so far… wow. http://23sleeplessnights.tumblr.com/